Friday, 15 July 2011

Tippy Toes:

  • Sometimes a 5 minute break is all you need. Turn the baby monitor off, sit down, and think of something else. Everything will seem so much better.
  • If it doesn't, get someone else to take over for an hour. Noone will mind at all, and they won't think badly of you AT ALL. You're going through some shit, and if you were still at work you'd at least get a lunch break, love.
  • Children's TV is really good these days. It's educational. They make the evening programmes all relaxing and everything.
  • You do not have to bathe your baby every day. How would they get dirty? And do you WANT them to have eczema? Until they're on solids. Then 10 times a day should suffice.
  • Your baby can be raised however you like. That's the cool thing about it being yours.
  • Every day you will love that little thing more. Try not to be scared. 
  • It is never too soon to babyproof your home.
  • Don't neglect the cat. When she is hiding under the cot every bedtime, and snuggling up to teddies and baby blankets, take the hint.
  • I may have already said this. But do whatever makes you happy when you can. If that means shoving a doughnut in your face at 3 am, go for it! You need the frigging energy and you deserve it!

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