Saturday, 31 March 2012

What I'm learning from Peppa Pig

I was watching an episode of Peppa Pig with the Duck today, as you do.  It's actually the ONLY thing that will calm her down when she is crying hysterically, or puking... I remember not long ago being absolutely drenched  in sick, boiling hot child in my arms, but being so content that Peppa was on and the wailing had stopped.

Anyway, in this particular scene, Mummy Pig was working on the computer at home, and the kids came and harassed her, making the computer crash. Mummy Pig called Daddy Pig to fix the computer, and while she was downstairs making the dinner, Daddy Pig turned it off and on again then started playing games on it.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

I like Peppa Pig because it's realistic. There is some acceptance of mummies having to work, but Daddies still being the technical whizzes (!) or just calming the emotional dear down, and mummies still doing the domestic stuff, even though they have to do other non-domestic stuff... and also Peppa and George are REALLY quite annoying kids, which is also quite realistic. Little kids DO ask annoying questions, and DO cry over spilt milk, and DO tell it like it is (you have a fat belly Daddy Pig).

Bless him, Daddy Pig is never going to remember everything needed for a simple trip out with George, and Mummy Pig is never going to go up in the loft, but somehow it works.

I get the feeling that Peppa is going to be a shocking teenager, drunk, on the town with Susie Sheep at 13, and something tells me that George is going to be an emotional wreck, I imagine him as Ross from Friends, the paleontologist with domineering girlfriends. Perhaps my train of thought wanders a bit when I'm "watching tv" with the little 'un.

But hey, as long as we all fall over laughing at the end, it'll all be ok right?And we do that A LOT. :)


  1. Ha ha, I've seen that episode too. It's one of the kids programmes that is actually bearable. Also a fan of Ben & holly!!!!! But with my little boy (15 months) I love baby jake. Of course that's REALLY realistic - family with about 11 children living in total harmony in a windmill. No wonder baby jake goes off for an adventure. Peace and quiet more like.

  2. Haha, only just seen this, I'd love to live in a windmill!! x