Thursday, 8 March 2012

What annoys me is...

Ah the blog. When Facebook isn't enough.
What annoys me:

1. People who think being loud and gregarious makes you interesting.
2. People who think they are better than other people.
3. Pointless rules.
4. Time wastage.
5. Arse-licking.
6. Not saying sorry when you put someone else out.
7. Really bad spelling. A tyre puncher. REALLY???
8. exclusion in an inclusion zone.
9. People being martyrs.
10. Assuming. It makes an ASS mostly out of you.
11. Lack of listening skills.
12. Talking over people.
13. Thinking you're always right ( clearly I am)
14. People who believe everything they hear/ read.
15. People who give advice when it wasn't asked for ( oh shit I'm covering a lot of myself here) but specifically regarding child rearing.
16. Judgemental assholes.
17. Comments about weight.
18. Schools (and perhaps others) doing things purely for the money.
19. people "trying for a baby". Can you just keep that to yourself maybe? Ditto with being on your period, having a semi, needing a fart.
20. Slackers. If you want an easy life, go on the dole.

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