Monday, 24 September 2012

Rainy Day Play

UK people will know what I'm talking about when I say that today the weather changed quite dramatically. And I have a feeling that's it, we have puddles and cold for the foreseeable future.  From the Facebook statuses doing the rounds I can tell that most people have put their heating on already, have a september cold, and the hibernation eating has begun! Oh, is that just me?

ANYWAY, we're compiling a list of things to do with the Duck when the weather is shite, as despite loving our sofa we can get really antsy in our house if we're stuck in all day.

So, some rainy day plans we have so far:

  • Make a fort out of sofa cushions, pillows, blankets, etc. (my other half is really excited about this one)
  • Don all-in-one rainsuits and jump in muddy puddles
  • Go crazy with glitter and sequins and glue
  • Make xmas cards (tad early)
  • Make a photo album (the Duck loves telling us who everyone is)
  • Loads of cooking! I think Daph will like making pizzas...although she won't eat it...
  • making fancy hot chocolates with cream and sprinkles
  • play dough is genius, we could make some scented/ glittery versions
  • Buy some fabric pens and decorate t-shirts together
  • indoor fireworks (a bit far out)
  • potty training (no?)
  • Indoor picnic with obligatory teddies
  • Making our own skittles with empty pop bottles and then beating Dad at it 
  • Slinky races
  • Danceoffs
  • messy play with beans, pasta, jelly, cornflour, err.....
  • treasure hunt
  • Go to soft play centres
  • Pet shop visit (classic)
  • Supermarket bingo (you know when they have to find all the things on their card? I will be amazed if this actually works as currently the Duck screams as soon as she's in the door of Morrisons)
  • Going through a car wash (I used to love it okay?)
  • Making our own book
  • junk modelling
  • Having a random extra bathtime purely for play, add food colouring (tiny bit unless you want to look like the hulk), extra bubbles, foam, glitter, get the heating on, make it nice and warm and awesome.
  • Go to the swimming pool (considerably colder and yuckier)
  •  Cut up that pile of magazines and make a collage (and on the side a recipe file for mum)
  • Dig out all of mummy's necklaces and try them all on (this may have been unintentional)
OK that's a start...

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