Friday, 18 May 2012

When they're sick

You would do anything to make them not sick.
I am lucky to have a generally healthy and hardy little girl, I like to think because I keep my house so dirty, she has a good immune system (you believe me, right?) She has hardly ever been ill, and even then it's something totally random like she rubbed playdough into her eye and got conjuctivitis.

This time I couldn't recognise what was wrong with her, and it is SO scary. Her personality totally changed, she was clingy instead of independent, lethargic instead of bouncing off the walls. Instead of eating us out of house and home, she refused everything, and her round little belly disappeared. We couldn't make her warm enough, we couldn't make her cool enough. She wouldn't drink, she wouldn't take any medicine. She cried. A lot. Like continuously through the night. And she doesn't really cry. She just wanted to be hugged and hugged, and to sob. And then she came out in a rash from head to toe which had me wondering whether to dial 999.

Fricking scary.

It was only a virus. Jesus, I haven't slept properly for about a month. I need to go on that 10 Years Younger program.

ANYWAY, I'm meant to be informing you, younger Nic, and teaching you about mummyhood. I don't think anyone would react any other way to be honest, maybe now I'll be slightly less scared of a rash, but I doubt it will ever stop being heart-stoppingly worrying. She's my one and only little speckled egg, and thank goodness she's back to crayoning the furniture and spitting her milk across the room... (seriously, I am loving it...for the moment).

Not my kid ^^

So yeah, a few thoughts:
  • There WILL be a way to get the medicine in, DON'T panic.
  • Don't wait, phone the doc/ hosp
  • If they want to hug, it's probably a good sign.
  • Get lots of fluids in.
  • Be aware of temperatures/ clothing etc.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Ask friends, I think I truly annoyed mine, but other mums do know a lot.
  • It WILL pass.
  • Love them lots.
I really hated this. Obviously. But I can't imagine what it must be like to have a properly ill child. One for whom any little cough can be life threatening. Or any change in temperature could cause a seizure. I can't even comprehend how parents cope when their child has a serious disease. And how do people manage in places without access to drugs and water, even for the minor ailments?

It's not a novel thought, but every now and then something happens which makes you very GRATEFUL, and very AWARE. And maybe a little bit guilty.

Whoa. All a bit serious for the Nicster. But that's the kinda mood I'm in! My mate is doing a sponsored swim for kids, here is her link so I'm just off to sponsor her, and then I'm going to pay a little visit too.
It would be cool if anyone reading this could do the same. I'm really not a preachy person though, so if you'd rather spend it on a new pair of selfish mean horrid shoes, then be my guest ;)

No matter how broke we think we are (right now we consider being in our overdraft to be a nightmare) sometimes it's just worth it. Be well, kids! x

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