Saturday, 30 July 2011


We’re back from a lovely holiday and have learnt a few things from our last couple of trips with the Duck, so here you go! 
  • Have a stash of dummies and toys in the car 
  • Take some snacks which may distract/ keep them busy, but which won’t stain or stick to everything (we like ricecakes bestest, apple flavour seems least colourful)
  • You can NEVER have too many baby wipes
  • Have a few tubes of kiddy sun lotion in various places (car/ lodgings/ changing bag) and just get in habit of putting it on first thing even if it doesn’t look particularly sunny. It will save the hassle later. Unless you’re in the highlands of bonny Scotland and it’s snowing or somethin'
  • You can also never have enough sandwich bags.  Sooooo many uses including dummy storage, dirty bib/clothes container, snack holder, spillage avoider...
  • A walker or playpen are really handy if you have the space to transport (travel cot can double as a playpen if Little ‘un is not as fussy as the Duck
  • If you find your Duck is bored of the few toys you take, or you don’t take enough, you can always grab a few extras in a local charity shop! I have a feeling I’ll be using this at various ages!
  • You can never have enough t-shirts/ clothes in general
  • When babies are playing in the sand on the beach for the first time, dummies can be really useful... :)
  • Even if you make up your milk, having a ready made carton in your change bag at all times can be a life saver
  • We tried to pack light (this is fairly impossible with a baby) and only took our one foldy changing mat in the changing bag. Just take another one so a change station is always ready… We learn from our mistakes...
  • If you’re going to be going on lots of day trips, try to let the Duck have at least one proper, undisturbed nap in a cot (rather than in car/ buggy etc)
  • You can never have enough hand sanitiser gel stuff. Call us paranoid...
  • The car boot is perfect for changing nappies!
  • Remember if your baby is weaned they might like to sample the local farm produce too! ;)

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