Monday, 9 July 2012


OK Nic, you feel like a complete failure in every part of your life right now. Yup, really feeling sorry for yourself huh? However, I’m changing the record! 
Yes, you feel like an ugly, fat cow, an unappreciated, shite teacher, a slovenly housewife,  a TERRIBLE mother, an unsociable, insecure person incapable of holding on to friendship, and you are insanely negative at the moment. Just in case you didn’t catch that.

HOWEVER. In my attempt to change the record, I am going to tell you how awesome you are.
10 ways in which you are awesome. You may not believe them but I am trying to convince you. Lovely husband’s idea.

1.       You have really good taste in husbands. I mean husband.
2.       You made a really pretty, intelligent baby. With said husband. Bonus.
3.       You are creative, you can make something out of nothing. You get funny looks, but it’s fine.
4.       You can see the beauty in simple things.
5.       You don’t need much money to get by. I think they call that resourceful. Or being a stingy bastard.
6.       When you’re comfortable with people, you can be quite funny, honest.
7.       You’re trying to follow a dream, and it keeps you going. You ignore people who think dreams never happen.
8.       You can make choices which others disagree with, and succeed.
9.       You’re not ENTIRELY ugly, I think your toes are quite nice, and sometimes your eyes look ok.
10.   You’re sympathetic and trusting. Perhaps too much, but this is supposed to be positive, so yes you’re AWESOME!

Hmmmm. Not sure how convincing that was, but keep trying. AWESOME!

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